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Inaccurate XP Readings

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Posted 13 December 2018 - 03:55 PM

What can we, as individual users, do to help better the XP readings?


My clan is having a competition, where the skill changes each day. Since we're using RuneClan to track it, we've adjusted to RuneClan's day, which starts/ends at 6:00am game time. However, we've run into the issue that if you don't lobby or log out, force track to update yourself, and then check it before the RuneClan day ends, any XP since previously last lobby is at risk of being put on the wrong day.


Just to give a specific example, yesterday's skill was Runecrafting. I had about 1.6m Runecrafting XP for the day at, say, 1:00am game time (5 hours before RuneClan's day ends). At 5:50am (10 minutes before RuneClan's day ends), I lobbied out and came back in so RuneClan could update. I started prepping for today's skill and intermittently refreshing the website. Once I was able to AFK, I came back to RuneClan at 6 minutes after its day ended/began (6:06am game time), and it read that I had done 509k Runecrafting XP within 6 minutes, when I hadn't even done any Runecrafting in about 20 minutes. This was clearly incorrect, but no amount of refreshing or force tracking to update it has corrected it.


Today's skill is Mining, where we have another prominent issue. It shows that one clan member (which happens to be my alternate account) has gotten 350k Mining XP....but I hadn't mined anything on that account since yesterday (in RuneClan days). In addition, It does not show the Mining I did on my main account (which should be about 200-300k XP) since RuneClan's day became "today." And no, I'm not just forgetting which account I did it on. They are vastly separate and I couldn't get them mixed up if I tried.


In short:

  • XP is on the wrong day (RuneClan days, starting/ending at 6:00am game time)
  • XP done 8 hours ago still isn't showing at all, even after multiple lobbies/logging (OR it's showing on the wrong account somehow)


What can we, as individual players, do to help ensure XP is accurate?


Appreciate any help at all!



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